So, I thought there should be a site

Friday, April 20th, 2012

About four months ago, I purchased a Kindle… for $79 – finally cheap enough for a cheapskate like me.

Then, I found out that you actually have to have something on the Kindle to use it.

Fortunately for me, there’s lots of free content out there for people like me who aren’t willing to spend money.

A lot of it is also absolute rubbish.

That’s why I approached Tony C. Smith of the Hugo-award-winning StarShipSofa podcast about doing a segment called “Cheapskates” every month, reviewing free ebook and audiobook content.

To my surprise, he accepted it.

Now that I’m working on the fourth review, I thought I should have a home for Cheapskates apart from the Sofa.

The idea here is to give supplemental material, transcripts and previews of what’s coming up on Cheapskates, as well as other random fun stuff.

This is a part time gig for me, so I’ll probably be slow keeping it updated, but there will be stuff here.

Hope you enjoy.



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