Thursday, April 26th, 2012

So Sofanauts and others, what free ebooks and audiobooks should I be checking out?  I have another 2-3 episodes planned out, but I’m open to suggestions and direction.


3 comments on “Suggestions?

  1. zackmann says:

    there are some free ebook blogs you might want to check you should check this first because DAVe is a friend Has YA and children’s books last two have many kindle books (mostly temporally free beware of no longer free and posters confused about kindle prime) Arlene Radasky has some good links to free ebooks on her website too. Keep in mind I consume almost all of my fiction in audio now.

    You might like Call of the Herald by Brian Rathbone I liked the podiobooks and I like that it is free in B&N and Smashwords not only on amazon
    It isn’t a question of is there free content but what is good and still free.

    • As the operator of, I can assure you there is no confusion between Prime free and real free at my site. While it is true that not all books stay free, that does not mean that posters are ‘confused’ about the Prime free option. I felt that needed to be cleared up as comments such as zackmann’s can shine a bad light on sites for no reason. Thank you.

  2. dwig says:

    As somewhat of an addenda to your review of the “Share” books by Nathan Lowell I would suggest adding his “South Coast” (at Podiobooks Its a standalone story set in the same universe as the “Share” series.

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