Cheap Cheeps

Friday, June 22nd, 2012


First, a heads up that the next Cheapskates is in the can and Tony tells me it’s slated for show 245 the first week of July.

Second, I’m going to start expanding my reviewing a bit. While a good deal of my time is spent on the books for Cheapskates, those books are not the only thing I read.

So I’m starting this new thing: Cheap Cheeps. These are Twitter-length reviews of science fiction and fantasy books, short stories, movies and other SF podcasts. All of these will be of content and entertainment that I’ve enjoyed for free, but I can’t use on the show because there’s no way I can assure that you can still get them for free (Library borrow, free promotion, Bing Rewards points used, gift, etc.)

They will be posted on Twitter @CheapCheepSF as well as here. I’ll also use the Twitter Feed for Cheapskates news and updates.

Hope you enjoy!



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