Should I change sites?

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Hi, Cheapskates,

I’m thinking of changing the primary home for Cheapskates, but I want to get your feedback before I do so.

I’ve long been a member of, but I have not used it since 2010 for posting of any kind. The reason being that the kind of articles I want to write got very little attention, and I ended up writing a lot of stories about crappy Facebook games, tax tips and Christmas gift guides.

However, they recently changed their model and format to be more blog-like and added tools to allow “channels” with only articles on a certain subject (Say, for example, a certain fact article on StarShipSofa).

You can get a preview of the look of the site here:

Here’s what I see as the advantages:

-The opportunity for broader “stumbling” across Cheapskates. The site is rather popular.

-There’s still ways to comment on the posts and get all the same content as before.

-More of a benefit for me , suite101 allows for revenue sharing, allowing me to get a small pittence for doing this (which does not easily permit).



-The website is harder to remember and convey in an audio format.

-Any existing links to this WordPress site will not get people to where “the action is.” I will of course make the final post a big redirect link, but it’s still a click barrier and I think some will get lost.

-You’ll have a few ads on the page, although they should be targeted, so it shouldn’t be a huge annoyance.

-I kind of liked the “Cheapness” look of this site that I customized it to. Suite101 doesn’t allow me to change the look – it’s all the same.

What do you think? Should I make the jump? Just leave a comment below.





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