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Links for Cheapskates 11: Selections from Brave New Worlds

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Sorry for the delay here. Here’s the links mentioned in episode 11:

Selections from Brave New Worlds

Free Reads from Brave New Worlds


Text to Speech:

Natural Reader



Ivona for Android and Amy Ivona voice for Android (separate download)

SVOX for Android (Too many sub-links to the specific voices and trial voices for me to deal with it now. Just… search).


Cool Reader app

Easy Text to Speech app

PDF to Speech app

Moon+ Reader Pro (Cheapskates alert! Paid app: $4.99 US) Apparently was recently removed from Google Play pending a piracy complaint by a competing developer. Story here. You can still get the full version from their website here, with a Paypal contribution of $5 (you have to scroll down a bit). You can also get it on the Amazon app store.