A Shoutout for the Sofa and Cheapskates on Amazing Magazine

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

This absolutely warmed my heart to read. Thank you, Diane!



One comment on “A Shoutout for the Sofa and Cheapskates on Amazing Magazine

  1. bob allen says:

    Hi. My name is Bob Allen.

    I want to first say I love your sci fi podcast like a baby loves screaming at the top of its lungs… and that’s a lot even by loud I mean like when your in space and, well the conversation goes like this…..

    “In space, no one can hear you scr… Hey , hey Hal.. Did you hear that scream?”

    Secondly and more importantly I wish to confess as to what a total jerk I am to you and all of my favorite producers out there. I wish to apologize and correct the fact that I have never ever given a single cent ever to anything ever. I have listened and consumed all of your data, ( i do mean all) since 2005 when I first heard Tony and Steve Ealy before I was born…2005, I am 44 of course.

    *** This is Not Bologna ***
    I pledge to donate you and tony (tony is like queen bee of the hive mind) and norm sh#* man (Mongolian Death rattle worm) and kate baker (sexbot revolution gave me impure thoughts) and that alister guy that makes me freak out… dare you to listen to “Got Milk?” J J Adams is cool even if his name is like spiderman’s boss and Pod castle has conan the librarian. “Dis Bukk iz Laat”

    anyway you guys and girls all rock and you other fans out there please chip in and pay a tiny bit. If the pod casts stop I will have to download in my shorts. You producerr type katz need to know that I believe if you all were to unite and collaborate in this new field of entertainment, you would be the next BBC, NBC, NHL and BLT

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